Plant Protection

Plant Protection

December 24, 2021 Off By Andy Ptyushkin

Plant protection from pests and diseases includes preventive measures. In small vegetable gardens, the closest attention should be paid to preventive plant protection measures: from careful cultivation of the land and the use of crop rotation to proper fertilization, watering and weed control. All this helps to fight diseases and pest infestations. The use of pesticides should be considered only as an additional, and not as a universal remedy.

The reasons for the decrease in the yield of vegetables are different and are not limited to losses from plant pests. Just “inanimate” causes are more common than usually assumed. Damage can be caused not only by the natural elements, but also by improper use of chemicals, fertilizers, insufficient care of plants, as well as their mechanical damage. Exact clarification of the causes of harm is sometimes difficult, which requires the involvement of specialists. The damage caused to plants due to lack of nutrients or climatic conditions is often similar to the damage caused by plant pests.

In the fight against pests, it is necessary to use their natural enemies in every possible way. First of all, these are ladybugs and babbler flies – well-known enemies of leaf aphids and horsemen. With their help, you can get rid of a large number of harmful insects. The larvae hatched from eggs laid by ladybugs and babbling flies feed on plant pests. Birds are also a good ally of the gardener. Therefore, it is necessary to protect birds in every possible way, create conditions for them to nest, protect them from cats and other predators.



Against wireworms, scoops and snails, you can successfully fight with the help of baits. The halves of potatoes and carrots are placed with a cut surface on the ground and pressed a little. The bait is checked every two days, collecting insects, and if necessary, the bait is changed. With a very strong invasion of snails, special baits should be used. Some types of lettuce also attract harmful insects.

Traps, poisoned vegetables and smoke bombs are an effective means to combat moles. The most reliable thing is to catch moles with traps bought in special stores. They are installed in the tunnels of moles with the greatest care. You can also put carrots hollowed out inside and filled with poisonous paste in the moves. Smoke bombs are less effective. However, if you smoke all the detected moves several times at the same time, the moles will leave the garden.



Anyone who wants to protect the garden from hares with a frequent metal mesh should bury it in the ground for 30 cm. Such a depth is needed so that hares do not make a tunnel under the grid: well-galvanized or thoroughly tarred wire will serve you for many years.

Pesticides are a means of combating various diseases and pests. Chemical protection products should be used only in cases where nothing else can help. When using chemicals, it is necessary to adhere exactly to the amount and concentrations that are recommended. It is also important to specify the exact timing of application and the endurance of the stipulated waiting period, that is, the period from the use of the product to harvesting. All chemical plant protection products are more or less dangerous to humans, therefore it is necessary to use the means of protection and labor protection specified in the instructions for the use of pesticides.