23 cm Round 3.5 Litre Planting Basket


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We offer high quality 23 cm round 3.5 litre fine mesh planting baskets invented by Anglo Aquatic Plant and trademarked Finofil. Although others have copied, Finofil are still the highest quality aquatic pots available, hence they are used by growers around the entire world. They are now world-renowned. Their invention eliminates the need for Hessian while still allowing water to circulate through the soil bringing essential oxygen and nutrients to the plant.

The superior strength of the Finofil pot virtually eliminates broken pots on nurseries. Broken pots cost time and money to clear up and replace, hence most other UK aquatic growers buy their pots from us. We supply individual pallets to full shipping containers around the world. Just check the bottom of the pot for the Finofil logo.

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