Airy Cotton Fabric Professional Suit


It is made with a 3D air cotton design that allows air to circulate around your body while protecting against bee stings. A high-quality beekeeping suit is a good helper for beekeeping and outdoor work.

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It comes with fencing and round brim hat veil. Breathable net cloth, even in the hot summer, it can keep you cool and comfortable. The surface net can provides you a clear sight, and it is breathable, too. Equipped with humanized pocket design, which can be filled with small items.

Compared to traditional cotton suits, maintains a protective barrier against bees. Our veils feature a patented insert within the hood, which distances the mesh from your face.

Our suit has leg-high zippers that allow easy wearing and removal. The Velcro and elastics on the ankles and wrists allow adjustment for your comfort, and the veils easily attach with zippers.

Designed to last for years, our suit’s hood is made of strong metallic mesh, industrial-grade material with rayon reinforcement for the pockets and knee pads.

Double sliders on the leg high zippers and the front zippers to easily access the internal pockets and convenient in the bathroom.

Airy Cotton Fabric Professional Suit


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