Animal Repellent Mat


The mat can prevent dogs, cats and other pets from digging into your garden and potted plants. Isolate the animal’s activity area to drive it away.

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Animal Repellent Mat

High-Quality Material: The mat is made of high-quality plastic PP, which can be bent freely, will not cause ageing damage when used outdoors, and is suitable for any environment.


Safe to Use: It does not contain any chemicals or toxins. Although cats may feel uncomfortable stepping on the mat, they will not be injured at all.


Animal Repellent Mat
Animal Repellent Mat

Easy to Use: The mat can be easily combined into any shape or cut as needed to fit any space you need; it can also be wrapped in telegraph poles or trees to prevent animals from climbing.


Widely Applicable: Suitable for gardens, flower pots, tree trunks, etc.



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