Antibacterial Chloro Iso Bromine Cyanuric Acid


Sprayed on crops to form triazinedione (DHT) and triazine (ADHL) by the systemic release of hypobromous acid, which has a strong viricidal effect; in addition, the starting material is rich in potassium salt and trace elements, therefore, chloroisobromine cyanuric acid not only has a strong ability to prevent and kill bacteria, fungi and viruses but also promotes the growth of crops.

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Praying chloroisobromine cyanuric acid on the surface of the crop can release hypobromous acid (HOBr) and hypochlorous acid (HOCL) slowly. The activity of hypobromous acid is four times that of hypochlorous acid. It has strong killing bacteria and fungi.

Chloroisobromine cyanuric acid, abbreviated as “antibacterial”, is an oxidizing disinfectant widely used in water companies, swimming pools, medical facilities, sanitation departments, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquatic products. 50% chloroisobromine cyanuric acid is generally used in agriculture. As an efficient, broad-spectrum, new systemic fungicide, it kills a variety of bacteria, algae, fungi and germs. The product is chemically stable, easy to store and transport; safe, simple, low dosage, good sterilization effect. But the duration is not long.

Antibacterial Chloro Iso Bromine Cyanuric Acid
Antibacterial Chloro Iso Bromine Cyanuric Acid

Function Characteristics: It has a strong killing, systemic and protective function on the bacteria, fungi and viruses of crops. It can be applied to the surface of crops to release Cl and Br slowly to form hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and bromic acid (HOBr). Therefore, it has a strong bactericidal effect.

Physical and Chemical Properties: The original drug is a white to reddish powder, soluble in water, and the preparation has 50% water-soluble powder.

Control Object: It has special effects on rice leaf blight, bacterial stripe disease, rice blast, sheath blight, mite disease, root rot.


                                                    There are Several Ways and Methods of Use:

 1) Spray: general prevention and seedling stage, 50% chloroisobromine cyanuric acid soluble powder should be diluted 1000 – 1500 liquid, diluted 800 – 1000 times in the disease period, prevention and treatment The moss is diluted 200-500 times, sprayed evenly, and water droplets on the leaves are good.

2) Irrigation root: Dilute 1000 times solution, and perfuse the diseased plants with a dose of 50 ml. 3 drip irrigation: First of all, to be diluted twice, when the soil-borne diseases are light, drip irrigation can be carried out in an amount of 500 g per acre.

Antibacterial Chloro Iso Bromine Cyanuric Acid
Antibacterial Chloro Iso Bromine Cyanuric Acid

It has special effects on vegetable rot disease (soft rot), viral disease and downy mildew. Effective for keratin (cucumber, watermelon, melon, etc.) keratosis, rot, downy mildew, viral disease, blight.

It has special effects on bacterial wilt, rot disease and viral diseases such as pepper, eggplant and tomato. It has special effects on peanut and oil crop leaf stalk rot. It has special effects on the root rot and base rot of tulips, plants and flowers, lawns. It has special effects on ginger ginger and banana leaf spot.

It has obvious effects on citrus canker, scab, apple rot, and pear scab, and has special effects on peach perforation, grape black pox, and potato blight. It can also be used for industrial circulating water decontamination, disinfection, sterilization, algae removal. (including the removal of algae from ships), aquatic products, fish ponds, poultry house disinfection, silkworm swab disinfection, industrial water, meal drinking water, fruit, vegetable disinfection, swimming pool disinfection, family health, hospital surgical instruments, blood stains, appliances, bathtub disinfection, printing and dyeing, paper industry sterilization bleaching, has a strong control effect on hepatitis virus, bacteria, fungi, spores.


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