Biodegradable Non-woven Seedling Pots


These biodegradable bags provide a high survival rate, fast growth, ensure the plant grow well. Prevent the seedling from forming entangling roots and decaying roots.

10 x 12 cm (100 pcs)11 x 13 cm (100 pcs)11 x 14 cm (100 pcs)12 x 13 cm (100 pcs)12 x 15 cm (100 pcs)12 x 18 cm (100 pcs)14 x 16 cm (100 pcs)14 x 18 cm (100 pcs)15 x 16 cm (100 pcs)15 x 19 cm (100 pcs)16 x 20 cm (100 pcs)18 x 20 cm (100 pcs)7 x 11 cm (100 pcs)7 x 9 cm (100 pcs)8 x 10 cm (100 pcs)9 x 10 cm (100 pcs)9 x 11 cm (100 pcs)9 x 12 cm (100 pcs)9 x 13 cm (100 pcs)
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Eco-friendly breathable and biodegradable non-woven material, no need to remove the bag when transplanting, improving the plant’s survival rate.

Biodegradable Non-woven Seedling Pots
Biodegradable Non-woven Seedling Pots

Excellent water absorption and permeability, nutrient and moisture can be absorbed easily. You can choose the size that suits your plant growth according to your needs.

Non-woven seedling bags can be suitable for a variety of planting needs, they are perfect for flowers, vegetables, saplings, covering your garden.

Biodegradable Non-woven Seedling Pots


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