Coconut Brick Nutrient Soil

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These bricks are solid, weighing 650 gram giving you a lot of coir to work with.

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Coconut Substrate 650 g

Coconut substrate is the crushed remains of the coconut peel. It consists of 30% coconut shavings, 70% coconut fiber. In other words, it is a modern, environmentally friendly, convenient filler or substitute for soil.

  • It is an organically pure product, does not contain harmful microorganisms and pest larvae, therefore it is not susceptible to rotting.
  • It has a neutral acidity (pH 5.4 – 6.8).
    The substrate has a large structure, so it never cures, leaving the soil loose.
  • There is a lot of air in it, thanks to this, the roots of plants develop very quickly in it.
  • Promotes rapid germination of seeds, rooting of cuttings. It is used in pure form and diluted with any soil.
  • Convenient for storage.
Coconut Substrate 650 g
Coconut Substrate 650 g

To prepare, for example, 7 liters of soil, put the briquette in a bucket or basin, pour 3 liters of warm water there, leave for 20-30 minutes. After this time, the substrate swells, increases in volume and gradually disintegrates into parts. As a result, a loose air soil will be obtained, ready for use.

Coconut Substrate 650 g
Coconut Substrate 650 g

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