Concentrate Gibberellic Acid Growth Regulator


This versatile tool will find its use in every garden bed! If you want to help your plants and accelerate their fertility and growth, then this concentrate is just for you!

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1) Promote the formation of a fruit set or seedless fruit. Use cucumber 2 ml/kg liquid spray to promote fruit setting and increase yield during the flowering stage. 7 – 10 days after flowering, the rosin grape sprays the ear with 200 – 500 mg/kg liquid to promote the formation of no stone.


2) Promote vegetative growth. The celery is sprayed with 2 ml/kg liquid for 2 weeks before harvest; the leaves are sprayed 1 – 2 times 3 weeks before harvest, which can increase stems and leaves.


3) Breaking dormancy and promoting germination. Potatoes are immersed in 2 ml/kg liquid for 30 min before sowing; barley is soaked with 1 ml/kg liquid before sowing.


Concentrate Gibberellic Acid Growth Regulator

4) Delaying ageing and preserving effect Garlic moss is immersed in the base of garlic moss for 10 – 30 min with 50 mg/kg liquid, 0.5 ml/kg liquid for citrus green fruit, and 2 ml/kg liquid for fruit after harvesting. Cucumber and watermelon are sprayed with 10-50 mg/kg liquid before harvesting, which can play a fresh-keeping role.

5) Adjusting the flowering The chrysanthemum flowering stage is sprayed with 2 ml/kg liquid in the vernalization stage of the chrysanthemum, and the flowering bud can be promoted with 1-5 mg/kg liquid spray in the cyclamen bud stage.

6) Improve the seed setting rate of hybrid rice seed production Generally, it starts at the time of 15% heading of the female parent and is sprayed 1 – 3 times with 2 ml/kg liquid spray at the end of 25% heading. Use low concentration first, then use high concentration.

Precautions for Use: Infertility seeds are increased in crops treated with gibberellic acid, so it is not advisable to leave the crops for farming.

Concentrate Gibberellic Acid Growth Regulator


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