Creative Corgi Resin Pots


Add a natural touch and beauty to your room. Perfect for indoor, outdoor, home, office, shop, garden and window sill.

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Crafted with compact animal shapes give you the vivid and adorable table planter, these corgi planter is perfect for succulents, they can be a holder for pen, pencils, brushes or coins.

Wide mouth, small drain hole at the bottom, which helps the succulent roots to breathe and prevent roots from rot. Pack durable bamboo discs and mesh to keep your table clean all day long.

Outdoor and indoor plants: Versatile, outstanding in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Suitable for counters, desks, desktops, bookshelves, windowsills, hallways, offices and home decorations.

Creative Corgi Resin Pots
Creative Corgi Resin Pots
Creative Corgi Resin Pots


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