Cytokinin Plant Hormones


Made from a special blend of natural plant growth hormones and vitamins, vitamins help stimulate the mother plant to reproduce, disrupt the dormant state of seeds, tubers and other plant organs and promote germination.

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Accelerate plant cell division, promote flowering, produce fruit, break plant dormancy, and enhance photosynthesis. Improve disease resistance. Some natural cytokinins are 6 – furfurylaminopurine, ribosylzeatin (immature corn), zeatin, isoamyl adenine and dihydrozeatin. Interestingly, the above-mentioned compounds are also present in the denatured products of nucleic acids. 

There are also many synthetic cytokinins on the market, such as 6 – benzylaminopurine and 6 – phenylaminopurine. Cytokinin acts on the cell that produces it-the “autocrine” system. Cytokinins are temporarily inactivated by glycosylation at N 3, N 7 and N 9. Cytokinins can be irreversibly degraded by oxidative lysis. Diphenylurea is one of the synthetic cytokinins. Thiadiazole is a new class of cytokinins, which inhibits cytokinin oxidase, which is why it is widely used in plant tissue culture. There are 200 or more synthetic cytokinins.


  • Ratio: 1 : 600 plus water
  • Method: Spray irrigation fertilizer
  • Frequency: Spray 2 ~ 3 times, 10 days apart 


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