Double Switch LED Plant Grow Light


Through a wide plant growth testing, the Veg / Bloom switch was designed to provide proper light for plants in different growth stages to greatly increase your harvest.

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The veg switch is the blue LED and white LED only used for seed or seedling growth; Bloom switch is the red LED and white LED. For flowering, both Veg and Bloom switches can be used.

Full-Spectrum: 312 high-quality super bright LED lights, spectrum 390nm – 730nm, including UV IR red and blue. Plants can get their most desired spectrum from this growth light, suitable for various growth stages such as seed, germination, plant and flowering.

Double Switch LED Plant Grow Light
Double Switch LED Plant Grow Light

Wide Range of Applications: widely used as planting tents, planting boxes, planting rooms, hydroponics, breeding gardens, greenhouses, vertical farms, indoor gardening, etc. It is suitable for almost all plants, such as herbs, succulents, vegetables, bonsai trees, wood plants, orchids, lemons, peppers, tomatoes, seaweed, etc.

User-Friendly: square ABS material, airflow structure, excellent cooling capacity, The installation is simple, the whole plant light can be assembled manually without additional tools.

Package Include: LED grow light, hanging kit, lift lanyard, power cord

Double Switch LED Plant Grow Light

VEG Switch:

In the plant seedling growth, for the plants in germination or beginning to leaf stage, contains blue and white LEDs (430 – 660nm). Blue light is essential during a plant’s germination phase. Stronger concentrations of blue light will encourage sprouting and the development of strong roots.

Bloom Switch:

The plant is in the flowering and fruiting stage and contains red and white LEDs (430-740nm). Red light impacts plant growth in several ways, certain specific red wavelengths will increase the production of a hormone in a plant’s vegetation that prevents the breakdown of chlorophyll.

VEG Switch + Bloom Switch:

We suggested turning on these two switches during the flowering and fruiting stages. Plants at this stage need a full spectrum. Your plants will get enough light and natural light to further increase your yield.


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