Drainage Holes Hydroponic Pots Set


Prevent root circling and rotting, the root grows along our root guide slots outgrowing of the pot by breathable holes in the sides, prevent root circling and rotting, also can reduce re-potting.

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Food grade PP material, sturdy and last for 10 years outdoor. Clear plastic is more conducive to observing the root growth and humidity. The patent vents at the sides allow for good airflow.


Drainage Holes Hydroponic Pots Set

Patent slots that guide root growth – when orchids become too big for a solid pot, roots begin to circle and choke each other, but mesh pot patent slots, can guide the root to grow vertically downwards out of the vents at the sides and bottom, prevent rotting and circling, prunes root structure, promote root growth.

Drainage Holes Hydroponic Pots Set


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