Electric Intelligent Sprayer with Dispenser


Our water pump sprayer and components use PP material, non-toxic and tasteless, can withstand harsh agricultural chemicals and strong transportation and use environment.

20L Body Switch Set20L Handle SwitchAir Blower


The pure copper coil pump is strong and durable, and the high-capacity battery has long battery life. The lithium battery has a built-in protection chip, which is safe and reliable.

A long practical watering wand gives a better reach, it helps you to reach some inaccessible places. Each Pump Backpack Sprayer comes with a heavy-duty shoulder strap. The – grip handle has a shut-off valve, so you can carry the sprayer over your shoulder and rest your hand while keeping a constant flow. The thickened bottom can significantly improve its durability and stability.

Electric Intelligent Sprayer

This is a functional high-pressure Sprayer with a pressure relief protection valve, which keeps vapour from spraying up on your hands and faces when releasing the pumped pressure. Pulling up the exhaust valve after being used to release the excess pressure in the bucket will effectively extend its service life.

Our manual pressure sprayer bottle has a 20L capacity to meet all your garden and family needs. hold down the sprinkler handle and turn counterclockwise to turn out the pumping rod and then add water. It is very easy to pump up and down. It can also be used for disinfection, sanitation, cleaning cars, household cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, garden watering, etc.

Package Contents: Electric ULV sprayer, 5-hole spraying head, 4-hole spraying head, double head spraying head, charger, handle, spray rod, spray rod buckle, 4 leak-proof replacement washer, filter net, 2 shoulder straps, air blower or electric ULV sprayer set.


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