Extended Supplemental Nutrition for Strawberries


This product is a high-energy, fast-acting, pollution-free new-generation high-tech green product that is specially developed according to the needs of the strawberry and the characteristics of growth and development.

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It can quickly penetrate into plants and promote the flow of raw materials of cells. The application of this product can quickly alleviate soil compaction, greatly improve the ability of soil to retain water and increase fertilizer and the ability of crop roots to absorb nutrients, and maximize the utilization of nutrients. Prevent low temperatures and pests.

Use: 1 g + 1 kg ( L ) water  spray

Extended Supplemental Nutrition for Strawberries
Extended Supplemental Nutrition for Strawberries

The application of this product has a good inhibitory effect on strawberry flower drop and fruit drop, and it is effective in protecting strawberry seedlings, flowers, fruits and roots, preventing rotten roots and withering. Break dormancy, strongly promote root growth, promote germination, and double yield.

This product can thicken the root system, extend the root system, thicken the leaves, thick green color, thick stems, strong stems, large fruits, good color, not easy to appear deformed fruits, increase fruit sugar content and vitamin content, and extend the harvest period.


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