Fast Rooting Powder

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The composition consists of 90% naphthalene acetic acid powder, while naphthalene acetic acid acts as a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator.

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Fast Rooting Powder

Suitable for cutting seedlings, soaking seeds and transplanting large trees. They promote early healing of the incision, rapid rooting of the incision, germination and increased survival.

Use a small amount of alcohol or liqueur to dissolve the root extract + 5 grams of alcohol (1 gram), dilute with water, concentrate with seedlings, cut off the old nun, regardless of whether the kidneys are at rest, usually use the following method:

  • Quick Rinsing (Rooting Seedlings): 1 gram 0.2 1 kg of water, 2 – 3 cm immersion, cutting cutting base from 5 to 15 seconds can handle 3000 seedlings.
  • Slow Immersion Method (Suitable for Seedlings with Firm Rooting): 1 g of water 5 – 10 kg, soaking the cutting base for 3 – 10 hours.
  • Using the Root Method (Suitable for Transplanting Seedlings): 1 gram of water 5 – 10 kg, add a small amount of clay made from rare mud, maybe 500 – 1000 seedlings.
  • Root Water Method (Suitable for Transplanting Large Trees): 1 gram of water 20 kg, filling and root diameter at chest height 5 cm, you can pour 40 – 50 diameter at chest height 10 cm, you can pour 10 – 20.
  • Seed Soaking: 1 gram 40 – 50 kg of water, soaking the seeds for 10 – 24 hours, can increase the germination rate.
Fast Rooting Powder
Fast Rooting Powder
Fast Rooting Powder
Fast Rooting Powder

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    Seems ok but instructions are in Chinese. But I know how to use this stuff.

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