Ferrous Sulphate for Soil PH Adjustment


This product is a dry product of ferrous sulfate. It is an off-white and slightly green powder that can adjust the pH of the soil and supplement the iron element of plants. It is suitable for flowers and plants.

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                         Instructions for Use:

1) It should be diluted with weakly acidic water. If you use tap water, boil and cool it first, then add an appropriate amount of white vinegar (small spoon).

2) Irrigation: 1g + 0.2 L weakly acidic water, irrigate the potting soil once every 20 days, after 3 consecutive times, it can be used again every 3-6 months.

3) Spraying: 1g + 0.4 L kg of weakly acidic water, spray the leaves, pass through without dripping, and grow 1 – 2 times a month during the growth period.

Ferrous Sulphate for Soil PH Adjustment
Ferrous Sulphate for Soil PH Adjustment


Various sour flowers and plants, such as iron tree, azalea, camellia, rose, milan, pine needles, bitter gourd, jasmine, fern, palm tree and various bonsai.



– The chemical properties of ferrous sulfate are usually unstable, easy to lose water and oxidize and change colour.

– Avoid spraying on marble floors, furniture, clothes, and wash hands after use.

– Sealed and stored in a dry and cool place.


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