Fertilizer Promotes Growth Garlic Stalks


This product can coordinate the nutrition growth and reproduction growth of garlic, promote the absorption and operation of nutrients into the rhizome, and use garlic to expand rapidly and compact, improve quality and increase yield.

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Garlic is the most popular crop that is found on household plots. This is easily understandable, because it is impossible to overestimate its benefits for human health. Gardeners, planting it in their garden, dream of getting a rich harvest. But it doesn’t always work out. This problem is often associated with improper care. In order for the heads to be large, it is necessary to properly fertilize garlic, observe the dosage, the time of application.

Fertilizer Promotes Growth Garlic Stalks
Fertilizer Promotes Growth Garlic Stalks
Fertilizer Promotes Growth Garlic Stalks
  • Winter garlic is planted in autumn, it must be fed to provide a supply of necessary substances for the winter. When a plant wakes up in the spring after hibernation, it needs vitamin support more than ever so that it can get an excellent harvest in the next few months. Therefore, the introduction of fertilizers for winter garlic helps to survive the cold winter, to meet spring with renewed vigor, throwing all his strength into the formation of strong and healthy garlic heads.
  • Spring garlic also needs fertilizing, because in summer, during the formation of bulbs, the plant needs micronutrients, without which it is difficult to hope for a good harvest. Timely fed garlic, which has received a charge of useful trace elements, becomes resistant to diseases.


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