Full Spectrum LED Strips for Plant Growth


Each LED plant light strip has an end-to-end connection, you could freely connect 1 – 3 light tubes with extension cables according to your needs. Supporting up to 4 light bars end-to-end connections to fully satisfy large area lighting demands.

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Full Spectrum LED Strips for Plant Growth
Full Spectrum LED Strips for Plant Growth

Timer Function and 5 Dimmable Modes: The growing light fixture has 3-time settings that enable you to keep the light on for 4/8/12 hrs. Moreover, when kept plugging in, it will auto on and off, and no more manually operation every day, which is very useful and convenient when you go to work or travel during the day.

Energy Saving: This full spectrum led grow light only consumes about 8 watts and 12 watts of electricity, equivalent to a 40W / 60W halogen bulb.

Full Spectrum LED Strips for Plant Growth
Full Spectrum LED Strips for Plant Growth

Easy and Flexible Installation: This USB plug-in seedling light with 1/2 extension cords (1 m / 3.28 Ft each), could be extended to a maximum of the 4-daisy chain. The plant growth lamp bars come with screws, lashing tape, and double-sided tape, compact design fits for various fixtures and surfaces. Installing and disassembling this light is easy and saves your storage space. You can DIY it in any corner of the house where there are plants.


Designed for Shelf Plants: USB with 2 strips with 60 LEDs and USB with 3 strips with 90 LEDs, each strip combined with 25 pcs Warm White LEDs and 5 pcs Red LEDs, provide a 3500K full spectrum like sun lamp to fuel indoor plant growth. Whether in the indoor garden or greenhouse, plant strip lights keep plants healthy and thriving. Ideal for all sorts of small indoor plants at all growth stages.

Full Spectrum LED Strips for Plant Growth


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