Fungicidal Growth Regulator 100 g


Amino acids have a positive effect on plant metabolism, improve berry quality and yield, supporting regeneration after the occurrence of various types of stress factors during the growing season.

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Amino acids are necessary for the normal passage of plant metabolism, since they are the “bricks” from which proteins are built. Along with the spare proteins that determine the quality of the crop, proteins-enzymes involved in the regulation of all processes occurring in the plant cell play a more important role.


Fungicidal Growth Regulator 100 g
Fungicidal Growth Regulator 100 g
Fungicidal Growth Regulator 100 g

Stress is especially hard on young plants, which, having not completed the stages of natural vegetative development to the end, can move ahead of schedule to the reproductive phase and redirect internal resources to the formation of fruits. Treatment of plants with preparations containing amino acids significantly increases the immunity and the degree of plant viability and contributes to their rapid recovery under adverse conditions. Since amino acids are highly soluble in water, during leaf and root processing they are able to easily penetrate into plant cells, helping them to resist negative factors, improving the process of photosynthesis, maintaining a natural hormonal balance, establishing nitrogen metabolism inside the plant.



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