Garden Glyphosate Weed Killer


Glyphosate is a systemic, chronic broad-spectrum herbicide that inhibits the enol acetone-based valerin phosphate synthase in plants, thereby inhibiting the conversion of valerin to phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan. The transformation causes disruption of protein synthesis leading to plant death. Glyphosate is absorbed by stems and leaves and transmitted to various parts of plants.

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It can control more than 40 families of monocotyledons and dicotyledons, annual and perennial, herbs and shrubs. Glyphosate quickly loses its activity when it is combined with metal ions such as iron and aluminium and has no adverse effects on the seeds and soil microorganisms in the soil.

Glyphosate has a killing effect after it contacts green tissue. Because of the different sensitivities of various weeds to glyphosate, the amount of drug used is also different.

1) Orchard, mulberry garden and other weed control to control 1-year-old weeds with 95% of the original powder with water 400 times – 800 times directional spray of weed stems and leaves.

2) For some malignant weeds, such as scented aconite, etc., it can be added according to 200 g per acre, and the herbicidal effect is ideal.

Garden Glyphosate Weed Killer

                                                                    Storage Method:

1) This product should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated, rainproof place, away from the heat source of the fire source.

2) Can not be stored and transported together with food, beverages, food, feed, seeds, etc., should be placed out of reach of children and locked.

3) During transportation, ensure that the package does not leak, does not collapse, does not damage, prevent high-temperature exposure and prevent rain.


1) Wear protective clothing, boots, gloves and other labour protection products when using. Avoid inhalation or contact with the human body. Do not eat or drink during application. Wash your hands and wash your face after application.

2) This product has a high risk to bees. It is forbidden to use in the flowering period of honey source crops. It is forbidden to clean the applicator in water bodies such as rivers and ponds. The used packaging materials should be disposed of properly and cannot be discarded or used.

3) This product is corrosive to the galvanized container made of metal. Use plastic containers as much as possible for storage and use.

4) When the product is stored at a low temperature, crystals will be precipitated. Shake the container thoroughly before use and wait until the crystals are dissolved.

5) This product needs to be diluted with clean water, can not be diluted with turbid water, if there is rain within 4 hours after application, it will affect the efficacy, and should be sprayed in time.

6) Pregnant women and lactating women cannot be in contact.

7) Do not cut grass, graze and turn the ground within 5 days after administration.


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