Garden Hose Faucet


This garden hose faucet is precision machined, is non-toxic and tasteless, it a safe irrigation tool. Control water flow and switches, the red valve at the top is easy to operate, can help you save water effectively.

16 mm20 mm25 mm
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The hose valve is made of high-quality ABC plastic, which is durable, frost-proof and shockproof, prevents ageing and can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

Garden Hose Faucet
Garden Hose Faucet

There are several tips that prevent the water from flowing or dripping. Inside the drip valve, there is an offset ring seal with strong strength and a good seal to avoid unpleasant leaks from the pipe and resulting water waste.

You can adjust the water flow based on the amount of water that is controlled by different systems by turning the valve to reduce water consumption and achieve uniform uptake.

Easy installation, simply slides the pipe firmly over the tips to achieve a very tight fit. Suitable for: 16 mm hose – 25 mm hose

Garden Hose Faucet


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