Garden Plant Support Racks


You will find many uses for these garden support posts. They can be used separately for each bush of the plant as stem support or build a structure for an entire garden bed. When ordering, you will receive a set of 6 pieces.

11 x 75 mm16 x 90 mm20 x 145 mm8 x 60 mm
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The connectors are made of environmentally friendly PE material, sturdy and durable For docking 2 pipes, increase the length of the pipe. Easy to use and install. Convenient and easy to use. It can be reused indoors or outdoors.

Garden Plant Support Racks
Garden Plant Support Racks

Very suitable for tomatoes, other climbing vegetables or fruits, such as loofah vines, grapevines, honeysuckle, morning glory, cucumber vines, etc.

Use these garden plant support racks to support garden row covers, protecting plants from frost, insects, birds, or intense sun. Can be used with insect-proof nets, shading nets, insulation film and so on.


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