Garden Plant Trellis Netting


Trellis netting provides a superb climbing structure to support your growing plants. Using the plant trellis netting to avoid ground contact, making them less prone to disease.

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Helping plants grow in the right direction. Protect plants from broken branches and crooked growth, which is good for plant health and harvest.


Garden Plant Trellis Netting
Garden Plant Trellis Netting


Save tons of garden space, when your apartment porch does not allow metal trellis, try plant trellis netting. The plant trellis netting keeps tall flowers from falling over. 


                              Easy to Install

Simply tie the trellis net to any stable structure or support. It can be used for horizontal, A-frame, and vertical growth gardening configuration.


Garden Plant Trellis Netting
Garden Plant Trellis Netting


The trellis net can be used as garden netting, cucumber trellis, green bean trellis, pea trellis, clematis trellis, hydroponic netting, grapevine net, flower support netting. Use it for tomatoes, peas, beans, herbs or any plant that needs support.



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