Garden Stem Clamps


This product includes 100 Pcs plastic small clips for supporting and fixing your flower, plant, or vegetable vine.

20 mm30 mm
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Garden Stem Clamps

The plant support clip is very easy to use, small in size, convenient to carry, light in weight, will not burden the plant, and easy to fix and reopen. The plant support clip is made of high-quality plastic, has high toughness, is not easy to split, strong and durable, and will not cause damage to the plants during use. The dark green can help them become invisible in the plant. reusable.

We provide you with 2 different sizes, you can use them on canes or branches of different sizes to keep your plants tidy. It is especially suitable for fixing plant stems on wooden stakes. Very suitable for flowers, soft plants, tomatoes and other vine crops, flowers and plants. Even stick Christmas lights on trees and shrubs during the holiday season.

Garden Stem Clamps


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