Germicidal Plant Growth and Rooting Hormone


High-efficiency, low-toxic, broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide, lasting effect, effective for many ascomycetes, deuterated strains and various basidiomycetes, but ineffective for algae.

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In order to control wheat sc, rice sheath wilt, rice blast, small sclerotium, many vegetables and mould, anthracnose, sc and other diseases, 750 – 1000 times of 50% spray powder liquid spray should be used. Seedling treatment can control cereals, crop smut, melon, tomato bacterial wilt, etc. In addition, it can also be used to prevent mildew in the paper, textile, leather, rubber and other industries.

Usage and Dosage: Add 1 – 1.5 kg of water per bag. Spray evenly on both sides of the leaves. Spray once every 7 – 10 days.

Germicidal Plant Growth and Rooting Hormone

Carbendazim is a benzimidazole fungicide, originally intermediate fungicide benomyl. It has been used to find trichomes in, cereal smut, cotton seedling disease, rape sclerotium, rice sheath blight, rice blast, sugar beet brown, etc. Carbendazim can be absorbed by plants and transferred to other parts through conduction, thereby interfering with the mitosis of cells. And inhibit their growth.

Germicidal Plant Growth and Rooting Hormone

It has a wide range of bactericidal activity and is usually incorporated into powders, spray powders and suspending agents for seed treatment or leaf spraying. It is used to treat various fungal diseases of cereals, cotton, oil, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Can be used to preserve fruits.


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