Hanging Oblong Phyto Lamp for Plants


The grow light has two tubes that are brighter than the similar grow light in the market. It is suitable for indoor plant seedlings grown in a hydroponic greenhouse at your home or you placed in your office. It helps to speed up the growth of potted plants, flowering plants, foliage, and succulent plants.

One Set (2 pcs)Two Sets (4 pcs)
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Hanging Oblong Phyto Lamp for Plants
Hanging Oblong Phyto Lamp for Plants

With Spotlight Cover: It can help the plants to fully absorb the lights, improve the efficiency of using the light.


Heat Dissipation: This product is made of aviation cooling Aluminum. It can keep the product cool when it is working.


Full Spectrum: The spectrum of our product is 400 – 830 nm, This grow light adopt an imported LED chip, the light source type is closer to the sun, with all the light sources needed for plant growth, making plants grow healthier.


Hanging Oblong Phyto Lamp for Plants
Hanging Oblong Phyto Lamp for Plants

Independent Control: Each Set grow light will be with a dual switch, one switch control one tube light.


Easy to Install: Plug and play direct operation, no wiring and reconstructing needed, easy to install. You can easily control the work state of each lamp to protect the plant growth with more suitable illumination.


  • Size: 50 x 9 x 5 cm
  • Nominal powe: 100W
  • Actual Power: 18 – 20 W/pc


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