Herbicide Against Perennial Root Weeds


50g soluble granular herbicide. Suitable for use on land lacking nitrogen fertilizer. It is effective for perennial root weeds and is used in rubber, mulberry, tea, orchard and sugar cane.

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Herbicide Against Perennial Root Weeds

It inhibits the enol acetone-based valerin phosphate synthase in plants, thereby inhibiting the conversion of valerin to phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan, causing protein synthesis to be disturbed and causing plant death.

Ammonium glyphosate has a killing effect after it contacts green tissue.


Role: It can control more than 40 species of plants such as monocotyledonous and dicotyledon, annual and perennial, herbaceous and shrub. Ammonium glyphosate quickly loses its activity when it is combined with metal ions such as iron and aluminum.


Herbicide Against Perennial Root Weeds
Herbicide Against Perennial Root Weeds

Used in rubber gardens to control thatch and other weeds, rubber trees can be tapped 1 year earlier, and old rubber trees increase production. It is gradually promoted in forestry, orchards, mulberry gardens, tea gardens, rice, wheat, rice and rapeseed rotation.

Such as weeds, foxtail, maiden, goosegrass, crabgrass, piglets and other annual weeds, the dosage is 10g / 100 m based on the active ingredient.



1) The dosage of psyllium, small canopy, and comfrey is 15g / 100 m based on the active ingredient.

2) 20g / 100 m for white mullet, hard bone grass and reed, 4 kg for water.

3) Uniform directional spray on weed stems and leaves. Generally broadleaf weeds are in the early stage of germination or flowering, and grasses are in late stage of jointing or early heading.

4) Plants that have been cut off from stems and leaves should be applied until weeds are sufficient to have enough new leaves.

5) The prevention of perennial weeds once a dose of 2 times, 5 days interval application can improve control.

6) To control apple orchards, peach gardens, vineyards, pear gardens, tea gardens, mulberry gardens and farmland leisure weeds, against foxtail grass, see Mai Niang, goosegrass, crabgrass, cocklebur, cockroach, cockroach, swine fever Wait for the annual weeds.


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