Honey Fork with Side Scraper


Sturdy shovel fork for raising honey with a shovel on the side. Ideal for opening recessed honeycomb areas that cannot be removed with a knife.

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This hive tool has a thick, strong feel, ideally sized handle, making the tool easy to store in beekeeping jacket pockets, in your smoker or beekeeping supplies toolbox.



  • Number of Needles: 18 pcs Flat Needle
  • The Total Length: 20 cm (7.87″)
  • Needle Length: 3.5 cm (1.38″)
  • Shovel Width: 7 cm (2.76″)
  • Handle Length: 12.5 cm (4.92″)
  • One Side: With Scraper
  • Material: Plastic Handle, Stainless Steel Honey Fork
  • Handle Tail: With Holes, Can Be Hung


Honey Fork with Side Scraper


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