Indoor Hydroponic Plants Growing Lamp


The light efficiency can be increased by the aluminium hood that acts as a reflective, scientifically engineered to keep the balance of PAR output and coverage area. Extremely bright, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all growth stages especially veg and flower.

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Full spectrum designed, provide nutrients for each stages of plants, one TS600 light is equal to a complex HPS grow system, change height to suit for different stage of plants, make indoor planting become more easier and more convenient.

Zero noise. Innovative fanless design and no need to worry about heat dissipation. Liberates you and your plants from noise whether in sleep or activity time.


                           Full Spectrum:

Red – Most effective on photosynthesis, conducive to flower

Blue – Accelerate your plants growth, be healthy and thrived

IR – Stimulate plants, help to blossom and yield fruit


Indoor Hydroponic Plants Growing Lamp
Indoor Hydroponic Plants Growing Lamp


  • Led Power: 600W
  • Led Chip: SMD Chips
  • Lumen:12410 lm
  • Led Quantity: 120V – 225 pcs, 240V – 240 pcs
  • Coverage Area: 2 x2 ft (60 x 60 cm)
  • Full Spectrum: 660 – 665 nm, 730 – 740 nm, 3000 – 3200K, 6000 – 6500K



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