Insecticide to Kill Spider Mites and Other Insects


It is used to control apple spider mites, spider mites and Mc daniel mites, as well as ornamental plant spider mites and lewis mites.

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Insecticide to Kill Spider Mites and Other Insects

Bifenazate is a new type of acaricide for selective foliar spray. Its mechanism of action is a unique effect on the mite mitochondrial electron transport chain complex III inhibitors. It is effective for all life stages of mites has egg-killing activity and knock-down activity against adult mites (48 – 72 h), and has a long duration. The shelf life is about 14 days, and it is safe for crops within the recommended dosage range. Low risk for parasitic wasps, predatory mites, and lacewing.

Acaricides are pesticides that kill members of the arachnid subclass Acari, which includes ticks and mites. Acaricides are used in agriculture.

                        How to use it?

   You can use a mixed potion to water the soil.

   Instructions: 1 g: 4000 g water.

   Use : 1 g + 4 ~ 5 kg water (2 ~ 3 L) spay or watering.

   Active ingredients: Bifenazate 48% + Etoxazole 12 %.

–  Apply twice per season, safety interval 21 days.

– Wear protective equipment, masks and glasses when using.

– Immediately after application, wash hands and skin with soap.

Insecticide to Kill Spider Mites and Other Insects
Insecticide to Kill Spider Mites and Other Insects


1) This product should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides or substances.

2) Do not pollute beekeeping, sericulture sites and related water sources during use.

3) Appropriate medication, banned medication two weeks before harvest.

4) If inadvertently eat, immediately induce vomiting and promptly sent to hospital for treatment

5) Store away from food to avoid danger.


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