LED Bulb with Large Heat Dissipation Area


There are five styles, each of which has different LED types and a number of lamp beads. These plant lights can promote the rapid growth of plants, accelerate the reproduction of plant fruits and seeds, and increase the weight of plant stems and leaves.

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The lamp board adopts high-performance material aluminium substrate, which has a large heat dissipation area, efficient heat dissipation, and effectively prolongs the service life.


LED Bulb with Large Heat Dissipation Area
LED Bulb with Large Heat Dissipation Area

High brightness, low light attenuation, low heat generation, safety, durability, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Easy to install and operate. Whether it is dusk or night, it can efficiently extend and scientifically control the light required by plants.


Suitable for all indoor growth environments: growth tents, growth chambers, most suitable for growth and flowering stages. Popular in indoor environments such as hydroponics, greenhouses, indoor gardening, pipe cultivation, and potted plants.

LED Bulb with Large Heat Dissipation Area


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