LED Grow Light Full Spectrum


Full-spectrum that is necessary and critical for plants growing and flowering (from seeding to harvest). Increase the longer time for plants in order to trigger specific growth and flowering and help plants grow quicker, decreasing the growth circle.

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LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

It can provide all the light that a plant needs to grow and flower, can help the plant grows quicker and better, Increase yield and decrease growth circle.

Perfect for grow box, grow tent, DIY hydroponics, bonsai, garden, hydroponics vegetables, herbs and flowering plants, etc.


LED Grow Light Full Spectrum
LED Grow Light Full Spectrum


  • Full Spectrum: 395 nm – 695 nm
  • LED Chips: 72 pcs
  • Input Voltage: AC 220 V
  • Power: 8 W
  • Material: PVC + Aluminum
  • Shell: Transparent PVC

LED Grow Light Full Spectrum


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