LED Lights with Auto Cycle and Timer


Each LED grow light bar contains 21 pieces of efficiently growing LED chips that provide the perfect spectrum for indoor plants.

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LED Lights with Auto Cycle and Timer

4 Steps: 12 pieces 3500K LEDs help plants with chlorophyll synthesis to intake more energy for better germination; 12 red LEDs contribute to photosynthesis, germination, flowering and results; 12 pieces of 6500K and 48 pieces of 3500K full spectrum LEDs provide sunlike light for plants, make plants grow just like in the nature.

3H/6H/12H Auto Timing: This timer allows you to turn it on and off at a pre-set time, which has 3H, 6H, 12H 3 timing modes, 3 colour lights corresponding to the 3 modes. When the indicator is off, the timing function is off.


ATTENTION: This timing function is 24H cycle timing. In the case of continuous power, the cycle will work, and it will be invalid after power off. Don’t worry about forgetting to turn on the light for your plants when you are busy.


LED Lights with Auto Cycle and Timer

4 Brightness Levels and Dual-Channel: Our LED plant strips have 4 adjustable brightness levels: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, to meet each plants lighting requirements at different stages. Dual-channel control can divide 4 pcs light bar into 2 sets each of 1-2 light bar, different kinds of plants or growth states, which require different irradiation time, which is convenient for you to control. You just need to press the middle button to select to open the specified channel or open all channels.


Can Be Installed Anywhere:  Compared with a traditional growing lamp that can only be hung: 3 meters long double-sided tape can help you stick it on the wall or wooden board; 15 cable ties can help you fix it on the shelf, and if you want a longer distance, the package also contains three 1.5 meters power cords.

LED Lights with Auto Cycle and Timer


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