Metal Filter for Irrigation


The mesh filter is a kind of filter that directly intercepts impurities in the water, removes suspended solids and particulate matter in the water, reduces turbidity, purifies water quality, reduces system dirt, bacteria and algae, etc.

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The mesh filter is mainly composed of a plastic body and a screen filter. Water flows into the filter inlet and flows to the water outlet through the filter screen. The impurities larger than the pore size of the filter screen are trapped on the outer surface of the filter screen, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the water quality.


Metal Filter for Irrigation
Metal Filter for Irrigation

Connection Size: 3/4″ Male Thread

Filtration Accuracy: 120 Mesh (130 Microns)

Material: Plastic Body, Stainless Steel Filter

Maximum Flow Rate: 5 m³/ H

Maximum Working Pressure: 8 kg

Usage: Used for filtration in the first system of greenhouse irrigation, agricultural irrigation, and garden irrigation



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