Microbiological Fertilizer Trichoderma Harzianum


It grows around the roots of the plant and forms a “protective cover” to prevent infection by pathogenic fungi on the roots. It can secrete enzymes and antibiotics to decompose the cell walls of pathogenic fungi.

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Competitive Effect: It can grow rapidly in the root and leaf circumferences of plants, occupying the sites on the surface of the plant body, forming a protective cover, just like putting a boot on the plant, preventing pathogenic fungi from contacting the root system of the plant. And the surface of the leaves, so as to protect the roots and leaves of the plant from the infection of the above-mentioned pathogens, and to ensure that the plant can grow healthily.

Microbiological Fertilizer Trichoderma Harzianum

Antibiotic Effect: Trichoderma harzianum can secrete a part of antibiotics, which can inhibit the growth and colonization of pathogens and reduce the harm of pathogens.


Plant Growth Regulation: Trichoderma colonizes plant roots and produces compounds that stimulate plant growth and induce plant defense responses, improve the microenvironment of the root system, enhance plant growth and disease resistance, and increase crop yield and profit.


Heavy Parasitism: Heavy parasitism refers to a complex process of a series of successive steps of identification, contact, entanglement, penetration and parasitism of pathogenic bacteria. During the interaction between Trichoderma and pathogenic bacteria, the host hyphae secrete some substances to make Trichoderma grow towards the host fungus. Once the host is recognized by the Trichoderma parasite, a parasitic relationship will be established. After Trichoderma recognizes the host fungus, the Trichoderma hyphae grows parallel and spirally entwined along the host hyphae, and produces attachment cell-like branches that are adsorbed on the host hyphae, dissolve the cell wall by secreting extracellular enzymes, and penetrate the host hyphae. Absorb nutrients, and then kill pathogenic bacteria.

Microbiological Fertilizer Trichoderma Harzianum


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