Mini Sowing Seed Dispenser


This mini sowing seed dispenser can be planted exactly where you like, it works with even the smallest seeds, is quick and easy to use, it will distribute the seeds and eliminate thinning out.

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Garden planter hand seeder tool, lightweight and portable, comfortable to hold and meet your daily flowering or planting needs. Suitable for most kinds of seeds, the seeds of flowers, fruit, trees, grasses are also available.


Mini Sowing Seed Dispenser
Mini Sowing Seed Dispenser
Mini Sowing Seed Dispenser

Simple to Operate: You simply change the pressure on the button to regulate the size or quantity of seed, this sower seed spreader will spread the seeds accurately when sowing into pots and trays.

Durable and Flexible: Our seed manual planter is made of durable plastic material, flexible to separate various seeds evenly, ideal for sowing and spacing, could slow down the speed of spreading seeds, it’s adjustable and useful to control the number of seeds.

Diverse Usages: The garden flower plant sower planter is designed to ease your planting of small seeds, applicable for planting those small seeds at a time in the garden, planting trays or flowerpots.


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