Miniature Wooden Tool Set


Three pieces of garden tools that are durable, high-quality and beautiful. Mini gardening tools meets small gardening working, perfect for succulents and small flowers.

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The handle is made of high-quality wooden, ergonomic design, comfortable feel, non-slip design, reduced wrist fatigue during weeding or transplantation.

Miniature Wooden Tool Set
Miniature Wooden Tool Set

The two types of tweezers are useful for working at different angles. Rake is your good helper. you can put small holes in the dirt, pull lightly-rooted succulents up to replant elsewhere, and shovel small amounts of soil or sand with precision.

It can be used for transplanting flowers and green plants. Also can be used for shovelling and loosening the soil for small and medium-sized flower pots.

Miniature Wooden Tool Set
Miniature Wooden Tool Set


  • Material: Wood, Iron
  • Rake: 14 cm
  • Wide Spade: 17 cm
  • Narrow Shovel: 17.5 cm


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