No Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp


The photocatalytic mosquito killer is the most environmentally friendly and efficient mosquito killer after years of research and development. The trapping lamp has a wavelength of 360 – 380 nanometers, which is harmless to the human body. Moreover, the photocatalytic reaction can also purify the air, effectively kill all kinds of bacteria in the air, and absorb all kinds of harmful gases.

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                                  What is the principle of the photocatalyst mosquito killer?

The carbon dioxide exhaled by humans is scientifically proven to be the only substance that the human body attracts mosquitoes. The photocatalyst mosquito killer can produce the light, heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and flowing air that mosquitoes like when it works. It simulates human breathing to attract mosquitoes, attracts mosquitoes away from you, and falls into the mosquito trap. And then use electric shock to kill it.

No Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
No Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp

                                            How to use this photocatalyst mosquito killer?

1) Insert the power plug into the power socket, and it can be used when the power is turned on.

2) When not in use, cut off the power supply and pull out the power plug.

3) Before cleaning the mosquito storage room, you should first unplug the power cord, then unload the mosquito storage room, clean up the scum in the room, reload it and tighten it.

4) For use at home, please schedule the mosquito killer a few hours before going to bed, and keep the room without other lights. You can close the curtains, etc. When you are going to sleep, the mosquitoes are basically removed and you can turn it off Or move to another room. If there is a lot of indoor furniture and the hiding mosquitoes have different time to go out, the mosquito-killing time may be longer

5) When used in offices, business places or in the field, the mosquito killer can be turned on in the evening, and after turning off the lighting overnight, the mosquitoes can be basically eliminated.

6) When hunting flies, you can put candy and other bait in the mosquito storage room, use light and smell to trap and electric shock to kill them.


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