Orange Hand Pressure Trigger Sprayer


This sprayer is powered by a hand pump for easy and quick pressurization. The ergonomic handle with locking trigger reduces user fatigue: simply slide the trigger forward to lock it for continuous flow.

2 L3 L


Made of high-quality PP plastic material, tasteless, high strength, good heat resistance, not easy to deformation explosion-proof, more wear-resistant. The high-quality brass nozzle is adjustable, simply turn the nozzle tip to change from direct jet to fine mist.


Orange Hand Pressure Trigger Sprayer
Orange Hand Pressure Trigger Sprayer

Whether you’re taking care of your indoor plants or outdoor shrubs, this sprayer can satisfy your needs. Large capacity of water just right, perfect for watering plants, potted plants and various flowers.


Unlike the regular hand sprayers, this has a locking feature that allows you to spray continuously without needing to constantly squeeze the handle. Just aim at your spraying point and let the small pump sprayer do the rest. Make your work even easier with this sprayer. Save time and energy with these efficient tools.


Orange Hand Pressure Trigger Sprayer


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