Owl Bird Repeller with Rotating Head and Sound


This garden pest control equipment appears as an ideally realistic owl decoy. It has lifelike eyes and natural colouring and is thus effective enough to protect your garden, lawn, flowerbed and crops from pests, animals and rodents. Meanwhile, With its fine workmanship, it makes a perfect home furnishing and balcony ornament, too.

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Owl Bird Repeller with Rotating Head and Sound

The product comes with screws if needed to screw down onto a surface. The spring connects the head and shakes when touched.

Keep your garden free from rodents like moles, rats, cats etc. It also helps repel birds, helps to protect plants. This owl will naturally and harmlessly scare the birds and animals away protecting your garden.

Sound control, when the batteries are installed, a beep sounds. Shadow control, built-in a shadow sensor. When the wind blows or hands touches the head, it can 360 rotating.



  • Size: 38 x 16 cm
  • Power Supply: 3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Part List: 3 x Screws (Fastened the decoy by screwing down into the side of the base)
Owl Bird Repeller with Rotating Head and Sound


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