Plant Freeze Protection Case


This protective cover is made of non-woven fabric, which allows plants to get sunlight and carbon dioxide, and prevents cold, frost, snow, cold, wind, rain and dehydration.

120 x 180 cm200 x 240 cm60 x 80 cm80 x 100 cm
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                          Drawstring Design

Sturdy and large enough to easily adapt to plants, and there is a drawstring to prevent wind blowing, and the bottom is easy to use.


Plant Freeze Protection Case
Plant Freeze Protection Case

                         Wide Range of Uses

Suitable for fruit trees, patios, tall vegetables, shrubs, potted flowers, shrubs, vegetables, etc.



This kind of cover can also protect plants from insect bites, birds, insects, etc.

It protects plants and potted plants from cold air, snow, hail and frost in winter, and protects birds and insects in spring and summer.


Plant Freeze Protection Case


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