Plant Growth Lamp with Phytolight


Using high-quality chips, many lamp beads, good luminous effect, no light decay, low heat production, low power consumption, no flicker, and eye protection. It is a must-have choice for household plants to supplement light.

1500W 12V 3A2000W 12V 5A3000W 13V 6A
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The installation is simple, directly use the one-to-four steel wire sling to install the lamp, and then it can be used after power on. The operation is simple, fast, and full.


Product Accessories: LED grow light, power cord, adapter, wire sling, manual


Plant Growth Lamp with Phytolight

Two working modes, VEG mode shows warm white, white, UV, which promotes seed germination and plant growth; BLOOM mode shows warm white, white, red, IR, UV, which promotes flowering and fruiting.
Isolate the power supply, increase the heat dissipation efficiency, and keep the power supply in a cooling state, safe and stable.

Plant Growth Lamp with Phytolight

Energy-saving and environmental protection, no radiation, no flicker, protect the environment. The lamp beads have good stability and are not easily damaged, which not only reduces the trouble of frequent lamp replacement but also saves costs.


Full-spectrum, red light (620 nm) promotes photosynthesis, synthesizes plant carbohydrates, accelerates flowering and fruit; infrared light (730 nm) has the plant shade effect, allowing plants to grow quickly to heights; ultraviolet rays (385 nm) inhibit plant growth, stimulate the production of plant anthocyanin pigments, promote the colouring of plant fruits and petals, and improve quality; warm white and white light has the function of lighting, imitating sunlight, full-spectrum, promoting plant growth, and providing the light needed in all stages of plant growth.

Good heat dissipation performance, the lamp plate is made of aluminium material, which greatly increases the heat dissipation efficiency, so that the lamp life is up to 50,000 hours and can work for a long time.


Plant Growth Lamp with Phytolight


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