Plant Life Support Drip Watering H2O


Provide life support for your plants-when travelling, don’t leave plants in the hands of lazy friends plantlife support drip irrigation is the ideal solution to provide everything your plants need during the holidays.

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Plant life support drops are suitable for your indoor plants, suitable for small potted plants, you can take care of your flowers, palm trees or bonsai trees in the living room! Its size is very suitable to be placed in desktop flower pots, hanging flower pots or small glass containers. Seeds or succulents-you don’t have to worry about this smart and simple gadget.

100% recycled packaging – The packaging is made of 100% recycled paper, making it an ideal product for any sustainable household.

Up to 7 days-just add water to the 350 ml infusion bag and the system will do the rest you can even add plant food! Indoor plants grown in small pots can get enough water from the entire bag for up to 7 days. Follow the simple instructions to assemble, fill up with water, and enjoy a new inner peace. This is the root of all happiness!

Plant Life Support Drip Watering H2O
Plant Life Support Drip Watering H2O
Plant Life Support Drip Watering H2O


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