Plastic Flower Pot with Saucer


These decorative planters will allow you to grow any collection of houseplants while also adding a stylish flair. Great for decorating a windowsill, shelf, or desktop, you can create a pocket garden with these pots for a mini oasis inside your home.

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Plastic Flower Pot with Saucer

For proper plant care, these indoor plant pots come with drainage holes to allow water to drain freely, prevent stagnation, and saucers to catch excess water and prevent messy spills.

Plastic Flower Pot with Saucer

Designed with a classic matte finish, these planters complement the modern decor and will infuse both style and functionality into your home or office. Available in 8 colours and a minimalist design that will never go out of style, they go with any interior design or outdoor space and also come with a smooth interior for easy cleaning.

Made with super-thick 3mm plastic, these flower pots are lightweight but, durable enough to handle any planting task. Able to withstand drops, cracks, and rough handling, they will not break easily, and beautifully display your indoor plants for years to come.

Plastic Flower Pot with Saucer
Plastic Flower Pot with Saucer
Plastic Flower Pot with Saucer


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