Powder for Fast Rooting and Growth


This product is made of advanced science and technology and imported raw materials. It is imported with BR root powder, various nutrients, 18 kinds of amino acids and trace elements, rare earth elements and root pathogen control agents.

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Main component: 90% naphthalene acetic acid powder. Suitable for cutting seedlings, seed soaking, and big tree transplanting.

After using this product, it can take root strongly and promote the development of the root system. More than 30% of roots must be rooted.

It can quickly repair and restore the lesions that have root diseases, and cultivate high-quality seedlings and strong seedlings. It has a good control effect on symptoms such as black root, rotten root, dead root, dead seedling and withering.

Can promote buds, increase the points, plant robust, heading neatly, improve the fruit set rate, and expand the fruit colouring.

Improve quality and storage. After application, the tuber crop can rapidly enlarge the tubers and increase the yield.


Powder for Fast Rooting and Growth

Nursery Seedlings in Nutrient Soil (Bowl): 30 grams per bag, add 3-5 kg of fine soil, mix well and then mix into nutrient soil (bowl).

Watering and Irrigating Roots: Before or at the beginning of the disease, (after planting the seedlings or direct seedlings). 30 grams per bag, add 20 to 30 kg of water, and water evenly on the roots of each plant.

Foliar Spray: 30 grams per bag, add 15 to 20 kg of water, (watermelon seedlings, 30 to 40 kg), fully dilute the spray.

Seedling Nursery in Seedbed: 30 grams per bag, add 20 to 30 kg of water and pour on the seedbed.

Each ag of 30 grams, mixed with 5 to 8 kilograms of water, is used for cuttings or transplanting.


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