Pruning and Grafting Pruner


Our professional garden grafting tool will take your grafting experience to the next level. This tool is different from traditional grafting tools, it cuts and grafts at the same time, it is easy to use and more efficient.

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Even a beginner can make perfect grafts with ease. The grafting blade can cut through material up to 12 mm in diameter, ideal for removing leaves, twigs and stems without changing tools.

2 In 1 function – includes both secateurs and a guillotine grafting blade. First, you can cut off any excess leaves and twigs and prepare the plants to be grafted. Second, you can then use the special graft guillotine to make a precise cut in the graft material.

Pruning and Grafting Pruner
Pruning and Grafting Pruner

This tool allows you to quickly create O / V / U style grafts with their precise, sharp blade.


Package Includes: Professional garden grafting tool, graft tape, knife holder, blades (3 pcs)



Material: Carbon steel, ABS and aluminium

Cut Graft Shaft Diameter: From 5 mm to 1.4 cm

The Thickness of the Trimming Blades: 3 mm


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