Queen Bee Defense Cage Set


Bee queen cell cover cap is specially designed for bee queens, avoids the dangers of grafting, ensures the correct age of larvae, and will not hurt bees. When ordering, you will receive as many as 50 bee cages!

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The bee queen catcher is made of high-quality material, durable and long life.  These queen bee plastic capsules are a great tool to protect the cage of the queen of bees. It is durable and provides long-lasting service.


Queen Bee Defense Cage Set
Queen Bee Defense Cage Set

Use for beekeeping, and put it on the frame of the bee case. The irregular grid is a common and excellent design for the queen cell cage.


The protective instrument for the queen of bees was designed specifically for the queen of bees and will not harm the bees.  Cage in the shape of a queen with small dimensions, light and essential instruments for beekeeping.


Queen Bee Defense Cage Set


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