Rack for Climbing Vines


Vine plant cage made of metal tube plastic coated material, the diameter of the ring wire is about 2 mm.

45 cm60 cm


Great for small or medium size plants, like small tomato plants, cherry tomato, pepper, herbs, basils, hydrangea, peony, rose, etc. Also great trellis support for climbing plants. Can well prop up plants to grow uprightly and healthily, protect plants against strong wind, heavy rain, or their own heavy bloom, prevent plants from falling over and sprawling out, keep them upright and elegant, add aesthetic appeal. These plant stakes are made of durable steel with rust-resistant plastic coating, 9 steel clasps attach 3 hoops to 3 stakes, weather-resistant, won’t embrittle and fade in the sun, not pliable, sturdy, stand firmly, reusable and long-lasting, serve you for a long time.

Rack for Climbing Vines
Rack for Climbing Vines
Rack for Climbing Vines

All steel clasps are movable and the position of hoops and stakes is adjustable, help satisfy specific support need of plants. Sizes of 3 hoops are different, conform to practical growth principle, provide better support. The plant supporters have graceful smooth finish and natural green appearance, help blend into plants naturally without seeming weird. And the sharp bottom end helps push the stakes into soil more easily.


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