Reflective Sparkle Pinwheels


Our visual reflective ornamental pinwheel uses wind motion and light reflections to keep birds away coming from any angle. Shiny reflective mylar pinwheels can rotate easily in the breeze, protect your garden, farm, and lawn by creating a bright flash to scare away birds.

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Reflective Sparkle Pinwheels

The silver pinwheel is made of safe, non-toxic plastic material that will not harm the environment and animals. Instead of harming birds, our bird repellent pinwheel device humanely scares them away by reflecting visual light.

Garden spinner pinwheel is 19.6 inches tall that enough to attract the attention of birds from a distance. They are so beautiful as they rotate in the wind and reflect sunlight. These pinwheels work like any other holographic tape or scare rods while they are also an elegant addition to your garden.


Reflective Sparkle Pinwheels

Easily mount these bird blinder repellent pinwheels on your area with direct sunlight and breeze for effective use. Each of them comes with a durable rod stick that can resist strong winds.

The bird repellent pinwheel is both practical and decorative. It can be used in farmland to protect rice and vegetables or hung on fruit trees or vines to protect your orchards, gardens, barns, trees away from birds. The pinwheels can also be used as fun toys for kids.

Reflective Sparkle Pinwheels


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