Seed Germination Tray


Our sprouting set is easy to sprout seeds, legumes and lentils in as little as 3 to 5 days that help you enjoy fresh sprouts quickly, which is an excellent choice for all your sprouting needs.

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Sprouts are a highly nutritious superfood, using our sprouting tray set can help take steps towards a healthier lifestyle by growing and consuming your own sprouts. Growing sprouts can be enjoyed by the entire family. Children can get involved in growing and learning all about themselves too.

Made from food-grade PP material, non-toxic and healthy, odourless and durable to use. Sprouting without soil or chemical additives. Enjoy healthy sprouts for salads, sandwiches and soups.

Seed Germination Tray
Seed Germination Tray
Seed Germination Tray

Concave-convex design, convenient to take out inner mesh tray, Inside mesh tray provides excellent breathability, facilitate seed germination. A densely small hole, take root easily, high budding rate.

A perfect sprouting tray set that includes: One black shading cover, one white sparse big grid tray (square one have extra one dense small grid tray), one green water container. The grid tray allows for easy drainage and prevents small seeds from falling through.

This seedling tray can sprout multiple types of small seeds, such as beans, peas, mung, wheatgrass seed, okra, alfalfa, vanilla, peanut, radish, perilla, Chinese cabbage and so on.


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